Happy Movember!

The month-long moustache bash has begun!

Last night at midnight, as the calender changed from the October-ending All Hallows Eve to the month of Movember, I took a quick break from my Halloween reveling and festivities to wield a razor in order to begin my moustache-growing with a clean shaven face.

From scruffy to clean in four steps!
From scruffy to clean in four steps!

With my first shave of the month, and the last that will leave my upper lip free of hair till December, Movember was off to a great start—which was aided by the jovial atmosphere and belly full of beer and candy Halloween had left me with.

But I wasn’t the only member of “The Venerable Gentlemen…From Space!” to shave early this morning. My mo-growing partner Matt Lubicky, whose buddy Alex Mallis owns a snazzy HD camera, sent me this great shaving video.

Though this wasn’t Matt’s official Movember 1st shave, it’s a fantastic look at what many men go through at the beginning of this entire month of fund-raising to help combat testicular and prostate cancer!

Up next, Matt and my daily moustache photo diary begins. But first, take a second and donate a little money to Movember. Click here and donate now to “The Venerable Gentlemen…FROM SPACE!”

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2 thoughts on “Happy Movember!

  1. It’s like the ‘Rocky’ music is playing in the background… OK, 1st pic– you totally look like a serial killer… 2nd pic, looks like a photo inside a rockabilly bands live album…. 3rd pic is a gillete ad in 1996 issue of National Geographic… and the last pic is like Bruce Cambell’s stunt guy in Evil Dead II

  2. Seeing as it had just switched over from Halloween to Movember, I think starting in serial killer mode was quite fitting. Either way, I end as a Bruce Campbell look-a-like…heck yeah, off to a successful start!

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