Captain Castle

Behind “Home Movies,” “Firefly” is my favorite television show of all time. So, when I heard Captain Mal Reynolds (aka actor Nathan Fillion) would be starring in a new show called “Castle,” I made a note to check it out.

That was over a year ago.

Luckily, the show was picked up for a second season. I was jazzed for my boy Fillion and made another note to definitely check out the show this season. I mean, Fillion playing a mystery writer (named Richard Castle, thus the show’s name) shadowing a sexy she-cop investigating murders as the basis of a character for a new book he’s working on—should be great, right? Everything I’ve heard said it would be, and yet, my lack of cable television and forgetfulness about the existence of Hulu kept me from checking out season two for a while.

Tonight however, six eps into season two, I checked out my first installment of “Castle” and was pleasantly surprised by the massive amount of nerd nods the Halloween episode of this police procedural contained.

The episode began with Castle trying on his Halloween costume in a “gearing up” montage reminiscent of “Serenity.” His costume? A “space cowboy.” Yep, it was a pretty great replication of his Mal Reynolds costume from “Serenity” and “Firefly.”

Castle as Mal Reynolds.
Castle as Mal Reynolds.

A bit older, but still my captain!
A bit older, but still my captain!

This gag was followed up by Castle’s daughter razzing him about his costume, saying that he wore it “like five years ago.” “Serenity” came out “like five years ago” in 2005. Castle’s retort to the razzing? “Yeah, but I still like it.”

Yep, I nerdgasmed a bit after that one. Ok, I nerdgasmed a lot.

Next, before the opening credits, Castle and his partner find a dude dressed as a vampire, dead and in a cemetery with a wooden stake stabbed into his heart. The crime scene allows Castle to give “Buffy” a shout out, which is even more exciting by the fact Fillion was featured as a key villain in the final season of Joss Whedon’s vampire slaying series.

As I stated earlier, the episode was a Halloween episode, which I always love, and the victim was a graphic novel artist. So, yeah, my first episode of “Castle” was going extremely well.

With the murder solved, the show capped off with Castle’s Halloween party. As a huge fan of Halloween and parties, I was further won over by the concept that this character is not only a big All Hallows Eve fan but throwing a massive bash to boot. But then, Castle reveals his costume for the event (Edgar Allan Poe), complete with a moustache that gives me a perfect segue to remind people to donate to my Movember fundraising efforts! Flawless finale!

Poe's Mo.
Poe's Mo.

A mo, Poe and a raven.
A mo, Poe and a raven.

The Final Verdict: Check out “Castle,” then donate to Movember and help fight men’s cancer!

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  1. jim,

    can you draw a webcomic displaying the various goofy faces associated with having a nerdgasm?

    The ladies would like to see them!

  2. I’m sick of that word. Nerdgasm this and nerdgasm that! That’s all I hear nowadays! Stupid geek neighbor keeps looping the Slave Leia scene at full volume to mask his nerdgasm! Gah!

    Oh yeah, and glad to see this site still running!

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