All Day Pizza Buffet: The Venerable Gentlemen…FROM SPACE!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Beardmaster Matthew Lubicky has chosen to use his facial hair prowess in the fight against testicular and prostate cancer. And, because two ‘staches are better than one, Mr. Lubicky and I will be teaming up in our Movember fundraising efforts under the team name “The Venerable Gentlemen…FROM SPACE!” Please enjoy a cartoon of our team and then donate to this awesome cause. Thanks!

'Staches in Space! <a href=>Donate now</a>, please!
'Staches in Space! Donate now, please!

Click here to combat men’s cancer by donating now!
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One thought on “All Day Pizza Buffet: The Venerable Gentlemen…FROM SPACE!

  1. Jim, I’ve said this before, but you are a goofy bastard! awesome drawing, this time the moon kind of looks like a muffin– or am I just hungry? Joke, I know it is shading for the moon phase…

    BTW, this should be a saturday morning cartoon; ‘the vererable gentleman… in outer spaaaaaace.’ haha.

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