06.Oct.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: …Versus A Robot

I saw this fantastic piece of art by Jerome Opeña recently and couldn’t resist drawing my own doodle of Conan fighting a robot.

Barbarism beats technology...every time! (Click to Enlarge)

Barbarism beats technology...every time! (Click to Enlarge)

This doodle should have been posted Monday, so very sorry for the lateness. I’ll do another one for Tuesday (Today!) to get back on track. However, grab some more All Day Pizza Buffet by clicking here.

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There are 2 Comments to "All Day Pizza Buffet: …Versus A Robot"

  • Bill says:

    Nice, it definately beats the one panel comic I would devote to ‘man versus the atomic bomb’ LOL… (imagine stick figure looking up to see a skyful of nukes…

    Another possible humorous fight– Conan verus a direct TV remote.

  • Chris Arnone says:

    Auditioning to illustrate a Terry Pratchett novel?