The only peanut I may actually love

I saw this on Drawn! Illustration & Cartoon Blog and was all ready to fire up a whole post about how I’d seen too many peanut-friendly things on the interwebs this week. Then I watched this adorable video and I believe I have discovered the only deadly peanut I may actually be able to endorse…

I mean, c’mon! Any peanut that houses a cute and informative puppy face can’t be all bad, right? Or, is that how the peanuts finally get me? They kill me with cuteness! Equal parts adorable and terrifying, check out the Drawn! link for a bit more info on it.
Also, if you enjoyed this Mameshiba, I highly recommend the Edamame and Jelly Bean mameshibas!

Or, if that doesn’t do it for you (and this is entirely unrelated), check out a bunch of photos of what Storm Troopers do on their days off! (Credit where it’s due, this link was procured from the Twitter account of the men behind Amazing Super Powers.)

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