All Day Pizza Buffet: Murder #3

Well, I have to admit I’m very unimpressed with this one. I’d drawn Ward Maddock in essentially the same position and format for two days, so I tried to incorporate some crazy noir-esque perspectives on this one. I failed.

As this All Day Pizza Buffet is an exercise in daily cartooning, I’ll post the results, but this one is definitely a weak entry.

See what I mean? (Click to Enlarge)
See what I mean? (Click to Enlarge)

I think my main point of displeasure with this strip is due to the fact that it’s part of what I saw as a successful run of freehand strips so far in both ADPB and Ward Maddock’s adventures. As an exercise attempting perspective, it ain’t too bad considering it was a one-shot effort done in ink. Lesson learned, I suppose.

For some examples of way better All Day Pizza Buffet, click here.

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2 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Murder #3

  1. think it looks pretty cool, anyhow, comics aren’t supposed to be the mona lisa– nice exposition shot of the city. The only real weak picture is the 3rd one with the quote “in his hand..” It just doesn’t look as thought out as the other ones. As for the perspective, the only thing that throws the the thing off is the 2nd pic’s corpse, which is uniform instead of getting smaller as the feet get closer to the door– but you did the opposite at the last frame, which looks great.

  2. Yeah, I think I had the idea and then didn’t plot things out enough before really getting in to drawing it. Again, it isn’t the most horrid thing ever, nor is it good. But yeah, I’m glad I attempted it, I am just not happy with the outcome.

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