Taking the PoP! Quiz

Way back at Chicago Comic-Con, the good fellows from Panels On Page asked me to step in front of the camera and complete their PoP! Quiz. Hosted by mic master Jason Kerouac, I fielded a series of semi-ridiculous questions about comics and the convention while attempting to be professional and hilarious in my haggard state at the end of the weekend. Though only a few of my responses made the final cut, it was a blast to participate and even more exciting to see it cut together all pretty-lookin’ thanks to my man Jason “K-Nice” Knize.

Alright, alright, on to the video…

To give the PoP!pers some positive feedback on this video, head here.

Also, if you head to the YouTube hosted version of the video, you an check it out in HD—which is super cool! If you’ve never seen yourself in HD, get on that. But for now, go check me out in HD!

All that HD plugging aside, pretty good stuff, right? The video looks great and I must say, I really enjoyed it—in a completely modest way, of course! Hopefully, you folks did too! The PoP! stars were even kind enough to use a shot of me for the intro image to the video on the homepage. Check it out!

I'm yelling what the talk bubble says, get it?!
I'm yelling what the talk bubble says, get it?!

Additionally, I have to recommend checking out the massive amount of Chicago Comic-Con coverage at PanelsOnPages.comtake some time and soak it all in. If you were at the con, you’ll really appreciate how much of the fun and madness these guys captured. If not, there’s really never been a better way to vicariously live the entire con experience.

Thanks again, PoP!pers! You guys rule!
I just noticed I make a brief appearance in PoP!’s recently posted Chicago Comic-Con wrap-up video and www.EnemyOfPeanuts.com gets a shout out in the credits. So, here’s that. Watch it, too. Please!

Here’s the direct link to that video on PoP! Go there and then check out the rest of PanelsOnPages.com, like now-ish. Ok, ok, click 17 more links here on EoP and then go check out PanelsOnPages.com!

Double thanks to the PoP!pers! You guys double rule!

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7 thoughts on “Taking the PoP! Quiz

  1. Dude! No problem! Thank YOU! I mean, you made it possible to see myself in HD, which is normally reserved for sideline reporters on Monday Night Football (and football players, I guess). For that, I am quite grateful.

    Also, this whole post is kind of just pimping myself…and yet you thank me…something seems wrong about that…but, it worked, so better keep it up.

    I’m so great!

    …right?! You guys? Hey, you guys? Am I right? You guys!?

  2. I didn’t, but hey man, when I was interviewed at weekend’s end, your skills had been honed.

    Also…you googled yourself to get here? Tsk tsk. Put this blog in your google reader and check it EVERY DAY!

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