All Day Pizza Buffet: Hulk versus Galactus

About a year ago, TJ Dietsch and I had a philosophical superhero debate. While I maintained that the Hulk could defeat anyone in the entire Marvel Universe, TJ conversely insisted that everyone in the 616 could take down the Hulk. TJ drew up a few doodles of how he thought both Gambit and Jubilee could beat the angry green giant, but I never retaliated. Here’s my first drawn rebuttal.

Hulk wins, of course! (Click to Enlarge)
Hulk wins, of course! (Click to Enlarge)

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7 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Hulk versus Galactus

  1. Wasn’t that Green Jelly? They did the soundtrack to the Sega Spider-Man game Maximum Carnage…or was it Separation Anxiety?

    Anywho, that is what I’m saying, though. The Hulk is invulnerable and the strongest one there is. His strength increases the angrier he gets. The only chance you ever have of beating him is calming him down or getting inside his head. Wolverine is just going to piss him off, thus giving him ludicrous levels of strength, and get swatted away.

  2. In the real world, Hulk would have been iced a thousand times over by now.

    Also, damn you for making me have to search around for my doodles. I think I also had one with Giant Man.

  3. In the real world, gamma radiation would never had created a Jekyll and Hyde-type monster. I have no interest in your “real world.” But in the Marvel Universe, the Hulk is an unstoppable force of nature akin to a hurricane or volcanic eruption. Nothing can stop him, and certainly no one can!

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