All Day Pizza Buffet: On The Trail

It’s an All Day Pizza Buffet first: A prequel continuation of yesterday’s strip! What a kooky concept, right?!

Watch out, Slug Rider. Someone's trackin' ya. (Click to Enlarge)
Watch out, Slug Rider. Someone's trackin' ya. (Click to Enlarge)

For more delectable All Day Pizza Buffet, just give these orange words a little click.

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4 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: On The Trail

  1. Jim, I don’t know about in America, but I think this is just ridiculous enough to make you several million dollars in Japan ; ) haha… BTW, are the snail-riders the good guys? I figured slugs = bad…

    p.s. Remember that slug erection you got from taking a wiz by that log on the flam boa? Perhaps, that is what is motivating this revenge fantasy…

  2. I guess that sounded bad– i remember us all camping on an island in the middle of some rapids and you went out in the water to ‘relieve yourself’ There was this decaying log that you held onto or something and you came back with this 5 inch slug on your calf– we didn’t have salt so we tried to brush it off and it held on by its suckers and looked a lot like an erection– hence the term slug-erection… I think we ended up scorching it with durante’s ciggarette or something… That was the same day I lost my ‘precious’ ironman hat LOL

  3. I remember the loss of the Ironmen hat quite well, but the slug erection must be lost in the dusty, cob-webbed recesses of my mind. That was a helluva trip though! Wasn’t our canoe Richey, you and me?! Good times!

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