All Day Pizza Buffet: Unemployment

Joblessness has been on my mind of late (What are the odds, right?!) and in a Hollywood-like moment where I was gazing into my own eyes in a mirror and contemplating unemployment, I came up with this concept.

That's hairy! (Click to Enlarge)
That's hairy! (Click to Enlarge)

This undoubtedly hilarious strip idea came to me right before bed, so I drew a quick sketch of it so I wouldn’t forget it in the morning. Just for funsies, I’m gonna post it here like some sort of bizarre DVD special feature. Here’s your “behind the scenes” bit of EoP for the week…


If you want to check out some more All Day Pizza Buffet while scratching your ever-elongating beard, just click here.

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7 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Unemployment

  1. Haha! I hope so! But yeah, as freelancing doesn’t require necessary shaving…I may just go for the Alan Moore, we’ll see.

    (Note to prospective employers: I look very professional with a beard, but will totally shave for a radtacular job!)

  2. Nice! I guess the part they leave out between the old and new testament was that jesus grew up, lost his job, became a prophet to make ends meet (hence the beard and sandals) and became the jesus we know and love today…haha. BTW, that chick is butch!

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