Great Comic Quotes: ‘Light Brigade’

I love snappy one-liners! Comics, movies, TV, well-written or cheesy, it doesn’t matter. I love’em!

Last week, I read Light Brigade by Peter Tomasi and Peter Snejbjerg. It’s a four issue miniseries from DC Comics that I certainly hope someone is developing for the big screen right now, as it’s an awesome and really well done World War II ensemble piece with captivating elements of the supernatural and christian mythos. I really enjoyed it and definitely suggest giving it a read, but it was some of the excellent action movie-esque quotes in the book’s big finale that demanded I mention it on EoP.

Light Brigade is chock-full of quotable lines, but the one pasted below is definitely my favorite.

...and that is how you deliver a one-liner to an evil angel. (Click to Enlarge!)
...and that is how you deliver a one-liner to an evil angel. (Click to Enlarge!)

Now that I’ve got my scanner all hooked up, I’m sure “Great Comic Quotes” will be popping up more often. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Great Comic Quotes: ‘Light Brigade’

  1. Nice.

    Near the end of the first volume of Ultimates, when they throw Bruce Banner out of the chopper and he lands with a cacophony of destruction:
    NICK FURY: “Hell of a thud for a ninety-seven pound scientist…

  2. The “Hulk eat Freddie Prinze Jr!” line from Ultimates in all of its completely ridiculous glory will forever remain my favorite bit of dialog from that series.

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