All Day Pizza Buffet: The Hills

My mom’s favorite movie was on ABC Family this weekend. I watched most of it over the course of two days. Here’s the result…

Edelweiss! (Click to Enlarge!)
Edelweiss! (Click to Enlarge!)

For additional slices of All Day Pizza Buffet, click here!

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7 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: The Hills

  1. At some point, I’ll have to blog about the time in middle school when my dad was commuting from Atlanta to Chicago for a job until we could move and my mom rented musicals every night for her, me and my brother to watch. Wild times.

  2. good one… I had no idea your dad was commuting– that blows! We used to live in Chicago too; I would have stayed in Chicago! Schools are better and it gets snow. Plus, you don’t have people referring to their significant other as my ‘white girlfriend’ etc… Also, was it intentional to make the plain in front of the farm house look like a stalf of music or am I just a huge dork?

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