All Day Pizza Buffet: Hanson

Due to unforeseen events, I didn’t put up an All Day Pizza Buffet strip on Friday. Even though today is Labor Day, I’m now a man of leisure and had some spare time this holiday to doodle up a little strip.

(Click to Enlarge!)
(Click to Enlarge!)

Hey guys, I can’t draw dogs. Looks like I need to find a new outlet for all my dog-related humor, and/or learn to draw dogs.

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One thought on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Hanson

  1. the trick to drawing dogs is 1.) ears like upside down triangles 2.) big puppy eyes and 3.) the hanging tongue/wagging tail. I think your dogs are decent considering you were making them look like hanson ; ) 1 sort of looks like a wolf though– haha.

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