All Day Pizza Buffet: Riverside Revue (’90s Teen Movie discussion…continued!)

So, I have many more theories about ’90s teen movies and my—as I’m explaining it’s not—”inexplicable” love for them. Here’s another…

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8 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Riverside Revue (’90s Teen Movie discussion…continued!)

  1. You are one strange critter, Jim.

    All of my teenage years were in the 90’s and yet I still don’t care for them before American Pie. Perhaps its because the teen movies you’re mentioning are also chick flicks. John Hughes made genre films that didn’t stick to the chick flick subgenre like “She’s All That” or the guy genre like “American Pie” or the Apatow films.

  2. Mr. Arnone,
    I must encourage you to rewatch “She’s All That” and “10 Things I hate about you.” Both are absolutely not chick flicks and follow male leads in their pursuit for love through high school life. Yes, they also follow female leads, but that allows n=both genders to see their side juxtaposed to the other’s—allowing both to learn and grow from these flicks. More importantly, though they have a layer of ’90s superficiality, that is easily punched through to reach layers of more complex emotion like identity issues and self confidence.

    Also, you seem to have a knack in your comments for mentioning the next “chapter” of this ’90s teen movie comic. So, “Pie” fans, stay tuned for my theories via comic…soon!

  3. I think you both are neglecting the greatness of “idle hands”… remember that??? Whoever that hot chick was that played bass ‘oughta be having my baaaabaay” (B.I.G. voice) Idle hands was the one with seth green about… yeah, dumb movie, but really entertaining… AND it had the Offspring playing at the high school dance!

  4. Oh my god, Idle Hands is hilarious. That also reminds me of The Faculty too.

    Jim, I’m trying to get in your head. Are you going to draw sock-puppets for the American Pie chapter? That would be sick. And funny.

  5. Just, realized I neglected to say nice job on the drawing– turtles are cool animals and you managed to draw them in a cartoon fashion that is original… And man am I glad someone else dug idle hands, Mr. Arnone you are a man of class…

    I think why nobody cares about teen films is that they are so disposable, even the hughes films are only around because of cult-status… Because teenage culture is so prone to fads and fashions of the time, they don’t have much shelf-life… Try getting a teenager now to watch an old nancy drew mystery or jailhouse rock–

    Not to open a whole new subject here, but did you guys hear about the seinfeld cast appearing on curb your enthusiam?

  6. “Idle Hands” is a pretty good flick, and one I have overlooked, mostly as I didn’t see it until later in life. Still, a young Seth Green and Jessica Alba, not to mention (I think) Vivica A. Fox (who will forever have a place in my heart thanks to “Independence Day)!

    Offspring at the dance also highlights another awesome trend of actual musicians playing high school kids who play the dance or who just happen to be playing the dance… Usher in “She’s All That,” Ozomatli in (shitty movie) “Never Been Kissed”… oh man, I think Save Ferris played a dance in some movie…this may be a whole ‘nother chapter…

    And Chris, sock puppets…likely not…I drew bgs first, then realized I didn’t necessarily want to always drew bugs, thus the magic morphing. In this “conversation” saga, I think the conversation is the key point. And, as All Day Pizza Buffet is as much about constantly practicing and honing my cartooning skills, I think some other goofy animal may be next. We’ll see…

  7. Thanks on the turtle compliments. I think they are highly influenced by the Super Mario cartoon, but that may just be me…

    Those, and the Teenage Mutants, were my tutrles, you know?!

    I think teen movies in general can always be related to on basic levels and that is why flicks like “Better off Dead,” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “One Crazy Summer” will always be good. But, I think growing up in the era they are from promotes a certain nostalgia for the goofy fads and shit highlighted in them.

    More fodder for another chapter of this, but when I saw “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” I realized that teen movies had moved to a place i could appreciate (story-wise) but couldn’t quite “get” as much (scenery-wise). Once texting is brought up as a major plot point, I think the movie kind of loses that High School nostalgia for me.

  8. If i made a high school movie it would be called ‘blue balls at Points North high’ and it would star Jessica Alba, Vivica A. Fox and me…

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