All Day Pizza Buffet: Wrong!

There’s no real explanation for this one, it’s very random. Maybe my Mighty Muggs and the “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” on in the background account for that…

Oh, that wacky Ackbar! (Click to Enlarge)
Oh, that wacky Ackbar! (Click to Enlarge)

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5 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Wrong!

  1. This may seem off topic, but why didn’t they do a spin-off of star wars about Akbar? I mean seriously, a squid-space-man traveling the galaxy fighting evil and giving high-fives to the likes of Han solo? Why did Golden girls get a spin-off and this guy didn’t? Someone call Ted Turner or Cartoon Network– let’s spam the shit out of them until Akbar has a Tv spot…

  2. In Genndy Tartakovsky’s (“Samurai Jack,” “Dexter’s Laboratory”) “Clone Wars” cartoon, there is a full episode about the Mon Calamari (Ackbar’s race) defending their planet. It was truly awesome! A space battle underwater with jedis slicing up sea monsters! Good stuff!

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