Webcomics in ‘Wizard’

Readers of the EoP! Though I’m not normally one to mix my hobby blog and my day job, a story I conceived and edited for issue #214 of Wizard is now online and you should all check it out.

The spread from <em>Wizard</em> #214. Click it to view the article.
The spread from Wizard #214. Click it to view the article.

Months ago, we began talking about doing a tech-centric issue of Wizard. I had just decided I was going to pursue doing a webcomic of my own and was overdosing on the medium, one which has been severely under covered in Wizard, so I suggested a big feature that would essentially be a techy “How To” guide to creating webcomics with a few different creators. It was approved, so I went to a guy whose online series “Webcomic of the Week” on WizardUniverse.com (back when he worked at the Wiz) really got me excited about a section of comics I had previously ignored: Steve Sunu. I suggested the formatting of the article and the three strips we’d feature, Steve did the work, I did the editing and it turned out to be a pretty cool piece.

Since then, I’ve had a monthly feature called “Webcomic of the Month” approved for the magazine, and though it’s a small feature now, getting the word out to the print audience is always a good thing! Anywho, please go check out the story and enjoy! Hopefully it helps some prospective webcomickers get their feet wet or at least introduces some comic fans to some webcomics they may not (but should) be checking out.

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2 thoughts on “Webcomics in ‘Wizard’

  1. That’s awesome! That is a good idea… It seems everything is going more and more to digital because it is so much easier to distribute internationally without huge cost to the producers and the consumers. The music biz has been going this way and it makes sense that the comic biz is too. Just think of the Boondocks– that is now a million-something dollar franchise and it started as a web-comic on OKplayer.com… Pretty neat. I will definately check out the link– thanks for the heads up Jimbo & Good work Wizard!!!

  2. Also, I don’t know if they do this or not for wizard, but it would be neat if when you subscribed to wizard magazine you also got and online account to interface with the staff or post on the site the way some other mags do it… Maybe they already do this, i don’t know…

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