All Day Pizza Buffet: Island in the sun

I’ve been re-watching “Lost” with my girlfriend in preparation for the upcoming final season. Here is one comic result of that re-watching. (Hopefully it’s “comic” in two senses of the word: being a comic and making you laugh!)

In the end, it's just a tropical paradise! (Click to Enlarge)
In the end, it's just a tropical paradise! (Click to Enlarge)

Click here for more All Day Pizza Buffet! It’s a daily doodle comic after all, so go peek at the previous installments.

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4 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Island in the sun

  1. In the end do they find out that they crash-landed on Johnny Depp’s private island? Seriously, nice drawing man– i don’t know what you used, but that definately has a Gary Larson look to it… (maybe reading all those farsides did you some good!) haha…. Also, is Lost a scientologist soap-opera??? I’m just saying… Monkeys could type those stories… And would anybody watch if there were no really good looking people???

  2. I love me some “Lost.” That is one addicting mystery! I get how people can be put off by it, but the trek through seasons one through five is epic!

    Oh man, subconscious Gary Larson influence? Yes. Absolutely! I read the entirety of that strip so many times as a kid. If that rubbed off on me, that’d be great!

  3. dude, i’m not knocking lost– I got sucked into that too. As for Larson-influence, look at the coloring– it is total far-side.

  4. Word. I’m just saying, I dig it and recommend it!

    Hahaha! My light colored pencil shading?! Like Larson’s great paints?! Ok, I’ll take it. I’m not one to turn down a compliment!

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