Check out ‘Bear Ninja Cowgirl!’

Ever heard that song “She’s Crafty” by the Beastie Boys? Well, Bear Ninja Cowgirl is EXACTLY like that. Kinda.

Bear Ninja Cowgirl is a new craft store on the internet that houses the merchandise of three of the raddest ladies I know!

Licensed to (make) ill (crafts!)
Licensed to (make) ill (crafts!)

Featuring the crafts of Carla, Ryan K and Ryan M (who for some reason aren’t using their full names on their own site, so I won’t use them here…even if that is silly), Bear Ninja Cowgirl teams up three crazy cool (and crafty!) Mizzou alum who I know well enough to highly recommend you check them out and to vouch for the awesome quality of their wares!

To check out the items they have up in their store so far, head to their Etsy shop by clicking here.

Craft services...get it? Not funny? Ok...
Craft services...get it? Not funny? Ok...

Or, for all you blogophiles out there, check out Bear Ninja Cowgirl’s blogspot right here.

Now, if that didn’t sell all the fanboys and fangirls who regularly check out EoP, let me sweeten the pot: These three foxy ladies are all nerds (a term that is only used with love on EoP)! Carla is a big She-Hulk fan, Ryan M hooked me on “Buffy” by loaning me her DVDs of Seasons One and Two and Ryan K is a huge “Battlestar” fan! So, go check out their sites and if you like something, buy it! You’d be supporting great people and getting some cool and unique crafts as well. It’s win win!

Oh, also, Bear Ninja Cowgirl is on Twitter at So, check that out as well!

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