Introducing ‘All Day Pizza Buffet’

Here’s the deal…
I’ve been extremely busy over the past few weeks, which is usually a good things—especially when it is the “fun busy” that I’ve been—but it has really cut back on mt drawing time. My busy-ness had me playing around with the idea of picking up a simple and small drawing project I could focus on in my spare time. Combine that with recently discovering Post-it Note Stories and being completely blown away by the expressive simplicity used to tell really fun little stories on little yellow squares and Drawn!: The illustration & Cartooning Blog linking artist Ryan Pequin’s simple—and simply awesome—five-minute comics (See those now at, then toss in a suggestion by my girlfriend about how much time I could spend drawing if I utilized my commute time for doodling…
And Bam! All Day Pizza Buffet was—kind of—born!

My goal is to make sure to doodle some sort of comic everyday that in some way is connected to my commute. That means, each of these cartoons will either be drawn on the train, conceived of during the ride itself or during my walks to and from the train. Essentially, it’s a forced drawing exercise that’ll hopefully be funny.

Also, I was originally going to call this Commuter Comics till I found out it’s a comic shop in Jersey, so I opted for something completely unrelated. Thus, All Day Pizza Buffet. That’s also why the first installment, which I drew up last night, says Commuter Comics in the corner, FYI.

A real classy start [Click to Enlarge].Anywho, they’re simple and I need to figure out which lightness of blue pencil doesn’t scan in, but hey, it should be a fun little doodle everyday (that I commute) from here on out. So, please keep heading back and supporting this effort in doodledom!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing ‘All Day Pizza Buffet’

  1. Nice one. boner jokes are always good. Like the title ‘all day pizza buffet’ It’s like pop music in the 70’s– you just string together a bunch of things everyone likes or has positive associations with… LOL. Speaking of boners, you might want to tell that homeless guy next to you on the train to stop wanking it !!!

  2. Thanks! When explanatory title was taken, I figured, “Screw it, I’m just gonna come up with something fun and awesome!” Pizza Party! was a close second, but I think there’s actually a kids learning program with that name, so…All Day Pizza Buffet it is!

    And, thankfully, there aren’t any homeless folks “going to town” while I head to work on the train. Just a bunch of grouchy Jersey folks. Still, that’ll make for some good comedy!

  3. Nice,

    I used to be a train commuter in Chicago back in the late 90’s. Had a 15 minute ride on the L, then a 45 minute commuter train ride out to the burbs.

    Gave me lots of time to think…. or sleep. I did a fair amount of both. 🙂

    I do have lots of funny stories from my train days, but that was back before blogs and stuff were as prevalent as they were now so I never shared them other than to my friends.

  4. Train rides are just full of so many idle thoughts—even when I’m reading or listening to music—that they do seem a prime time to just put some weirdness down on paper. Hopefully the resulting weirdness will be fun and funny!

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