A lil’ more hodgepodge: Beastie Boys, Legion of Super-Heroes and manholes!

This week my mind seems to be jumping around as much or more so than last, so I’m being mentally forced to do another scatterbrained hodgepodge post. Hopefully, this assortment of random thoughts put to print entertains!

Let’s get to it…

First off, I’m really bummed about The Beastie Boys’ MCA getting diagnosed with a tumor.

Two helpings of MCA.
Two helpings of MCA.

Obviously, a member of one of my all-time favorite bands getting laid up by the evil cancer beast—to keep it simple—sucks. A lot. So, please channel all your good voodoo, juju and vibes to Adam Yauch and we’ll all hope for zero complications and a speedy recovery.

Also, this unfortunate ailment gets extra sucky as The Beastie Boys have had to cancel all of their upcoming tour dates. This is—of course—completely understandable, but man, it bums me out. I’ve been wanting to see the Beasties for years and this year’s All Points West Festival was the first time the stars had aligned to make attending a Beastie Boys show possible. What makes me feel even more conspired against is that the last time seeing the Beasties was a potential, Mike D got in a motorcycle accident and the tour was canceled. And (AND!) to make matters even worse, Q-Tip is performing on the day the Beasties were set to appear, so I am pretty sure they would have had him pop out to perform “Get It Together.” Man oh man, further bumming out now initiated.

Luckily, there may be a partial cure to this big Beastie bummer, and that may be another helping of—in my opinion—the best concert video since the Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense”: The Beastie Boys’ “Awesome I F***IN’ Shot That!”

It is awesome.
It is awesome.

Take an amazing Beasties concert in Madison Square Garden, add 30 odd fans with handicams filming the show and audience from numerous different angles, toss in a smidgeon of Ben Stiller rapping along, cut it all together and you get the radness that is “Awesome I F***ING Shot That!” Seriously, it’s a great watch, check it out!

Secondly, I want to rescind any statements I made about a year or so back about how stupid DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes are.

Officially not dumb!
Officially not dumb!

After initially being bored to death with them and being convinced they were just too silly to be cared about, Geoff Johns utilized the Legion of Substitute Heroes (the LSH’s zany back-ups) hilariously in his Action Comics run and all of a sudden I was curious about these goofy heroes from a thousand years in the future flying all over space. Recently, I read the first 12 issues of Paul Levitz Legion stuff from the year of my birth (1984) and the first 12 issues of Mark Waid and Barry Kitson’s semi-recent Legion revamp. Without launching into a full review of either, I’ll say this: These are some goofy-ass concepts (I mean, for example, all the characters have hilarious names like Lightning Lad and Phantom Girl.), but there is just something fun and appealing about how unapologetically comicky these guys are! It’s great superhero stories combined with a stellar space soap-opera. It may not be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but after hating on it for a good long time, I’m now taking it all back and declaring myself a Legion fan!

Third, I’d like to hear opinions about the name “Electric Manhole,” a band name I thought of 3 or so years back, being used as the name for a webcomic.

Yep, I can use Photoshop!
Yep, I can use Photoshop!

So, please let me know in the comments field below what you think of it. More information on the tentatively named “Electric Manhole” soon. Stay Tuned!

That does it for now, folks! Thanks for stopping by and entertaining my random thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “A lil’ more hodgepodge: Beastie Boys, Legion of Super-Heroes and manholes!

  1. I’ll have to check out that Legion run, I’ve always seen that as too far detached from the DCU to really work for me.

    I’m just reeling that you’re like four years younger than me.

  2. As it was eloquently put by my good buddy and former roommate, “You know you’re getting old when Michael Jackson is dead and MCA has cancer.” So, younger I may be…but man, the times, they are a changin’.

  3. Beasties came to Toronto when I was up there– they had the stage divided into 3 sections and performed as a punk act, a hip-hop act and a jazz-trio! They left without playing sabotage– only to come back out 10 minutes later running through the audience screaming “can’t stand it, i know ya planned it….” Fucking cool, that’s all I’m saying…

    On the comics, is it me or does the idea of a tv show/comic about washed-up wanna-be super-hero greats sound funny? I guess tick beat me to it and I’m sure you can spout of a million similar comics, but still, a funny premise…

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