EoP appears on the Panels On Pages Awful Snack PoPcast

Last night, I spent two hours on the phone with four other nerds (Yep! I, too, am a nerd!) and talked about comics, comic book conventions and more. What made this different from any normal nerd conversation that I have off hours from work is that it was recorded as the 12th episode of the Panels on Pages Awful Snack PoPcast: The podcast of the fantastic “all things geek” Web site!

Click this image! Visit this awesome site!
Click this image! Visit this awesome site!

Invited onto the podcast by host Lee Rodriguez to be this episode’s special guest, I got on the line to chat with the rest of the PoP! crew: Jason “K-Nice” Knize, Matthew Cavazos and Ben Gilbert. I know all these guys from the WUMB and we’ve been bumming around on message boards for a while, so not only was it a blast to get into a few hours of good conversation with them using our voices instead of furiously typing away lengthy board messages, but it was really great to be invited on and actually dubbed the first real celebrity guest they’ve had on the PoPcast—extremely flattering to be called that, though frankly, I think the internets have addled their brains if that’s their thinking. Either way, it was a blast and it’s a great listen, so all you nerds and fanboys better check it out. And heck, even if you’re not particularly geeky and just bored, give it a listen. You’ll like it!

Just a disclaimer: The podcast is hilarious, but not for the feint of heart. Yep, it’s online and uncensored so there’s some adult language and people opposed to the F-Bomb best stay away. Still, the rest of you fine web-trollers should definitely check it out.

Head over to Panels On Pages now to download or stream the podcast.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage everyone to go and check out the entirety of Panels On Pages. After meeting on the WUMB, all of the excellent gentlemen behind this site took their regular freelancing for WizardUniverse.com and web-based friendship to ban together and start their own site—and it’s a really great site! I’ve worked with these guys, chatted with them online a ton, met a few of them in person and now, after guesting on the PoPcast, I’m given a nice excuse to rave about their supreme nerdiness and why that makes their site a great destination on the web for all comic fans, genre TV aficionados, nostalgia addicts, toy nuts and anyone out there who has even a speck of geekiness in their heart! Add Panels On Pages to your bookmarks or you’re blog subscription service of choice. Trust me, you’ll love it!

And, again, go listen to that amazing podcast!

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