EoP’s first Fan Art!

I got this sent to me today through the WUMB and I am not only super excited about it, but also extremely flattered and humbled as well! A massively huge and enormously gigantic thanks to Larry Joe (aka KrpyKrwly) for delivering Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic‘s first ever fan art submission!

Does 'fan art' imply I have fans? Wait...this must mean I <em>do</em> have fans! Yes!
Does 'fan art' imply I have fans? Wait...this must mean I do have fans! Yes!

Krpy has a whole bunch of other awesome Post-It art that you can see over at Panels on Pages’ message board, so take a look at that! Krpy’s extremely cool style does justice to numerous popular comic book characters, so seeing the Enemy of Peanuts in their number is really—dare I get sappy?—special! Thanks a ton, Larry!

Also, for those keeping score, Krpy/Larry was the man responsible for the gorgeous final color job on my Loudest Monkey logo and winner of the first—and only—Loudest Monkey Semi-Annual Coloring Contest. So, this isn’t the first time he has graced a blog of mine with his talents. Hopefully, it isn’t the last.

Lastly, as if Krpy/Larry hadn’t already proved himself among the elite nerds of the world (which I say in a loving way), his daughter officially had my favorite convention costume ever at last year’s Wizard World Chicago…

Yes, that's Marvel Comics' Squirrel Girl. AMAZING!
Yes, that's Marvel Comics' Squirrel Girl. AMAZING!

The fact that Larry/Krpy is such an incredible nerd/fanboy/father/guy/artist only makes me all the more proud and flattered he’s the person to submit the first fan art to EoP. Thanks, Larry! You are the man!

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6 thoughts on “EoP’s first Fan Art!

  1. You’re a sweetheat, Jim!

    I just thought it’d be fun to draw a rampaging killer peanut but you made it so much more!

  2. You know what’s even more fun? Drawing rampaging killer peanuts getting totally destroyed at the hand of the Enemy of Peanuts! But seriously, thanks again, Larry!

  3. I’ve asked Mr. Joe about it in the past, but he is a busy man. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. Keep those fingers crossed!

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