Alphabetical Art Awesomeness

This has been linked around quite a bit in the comics community, but if you haven’t checked out Neill Cameron’s “Neill’s A-Z of Awesomeness” you are truly missing out.

The premise: Each day, Neill takes suggestions and uses his own artsy smartsy sensibilities to do a hilarious illustration related to nerd culture that coincides with a letter in the alphabet. Essentially, his blog is the coolest ABC’s book on the interwebs.

A quick taste, and my favorite edition so far…

Hagar vs. Hello Kitty
Hagar vs. Hello Kitty

I cropped out the awesome alliterative explanation at the bottom of the image to, hopefully, force you all to go check out the real deal at Neill’s blog. So, do that!

Since Neill started this up, it has been one of the great joys of my morning and always gives me a nice chuckle when I’m wishing I were back in bed—it’s like coffee, but it’s art and makes me smile instead of giving me coffee breath!

I’d say I’m definitely going to steal this premise at some point, but I actually already did something like this…in fourth grade TaG class (TaG was “talented and gifted” class, ’cause I was a smart cookie as a kid—I might still be, who knows?!) so it’s not really “stealing,” right?! It was Cartoon Character ABC’s and I distinctly remember “Duck Tales'” Launchpad was my “L.” I’ll have to dig that up and scan it in for all your viewing pleasure.

But anyway, go check out Neill Cameron’s fantastic blog and have a smile or three!

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  1. Jim are you sure ‘talented and gifted’ isn’t just a nice name they gave the sped classes? haha…

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