Interweb nuggets!

Here are two super rad things I saw online today. So, I’m passing them along…

First, I saw this through the Frederator Studios blog. Not only is it just a super cool idea that I wish I had somehow invented (though, not being an animator, that would have been pretty unlikely), but I think I may just swing by and check it out if my week isn’t too hectic at that point.

Drinking and drawing?! Likely a flawless combo.
Drinking and drawing?! Likely a flawless combo.

Check out the Drinking And Drawing blog at for more!

Also this, which I am just amazed actually happened for real…

I’ve never been much of a Jimmy Fallon fan and until now had absolutely no interest in his late night hosting gig, but after watching Saved By The Bell during every lunch hour of my freshman year in college…let’s just say that reuniting the Bayside gang is certainly a a route directly to my heart. I may just have to start liking Jimmy Fallon now…maybe.

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