‘Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic’ Part 4—First Strike

Ok, ok, I’m late again, but I’ve got a semi-good excuse. Check out the strip and then I’ll deliver an explanation afterward.

Behold the power of WACOM! (Click to Enlarge!)
Behold the power of WACOM!

If you’ve been checking out EoP: The Webcomic then you’ll undoubtedly note the difference between this strip and the last three. The culprit for this new look? A Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet!

For those unfamiliar with comics and comic book art (and computers), a Wacom tablet essentially allows its user to draw directly into programs like Photoshop and Illustrator with the ease of using a pen instead of a difficult to navigate mouse. That’s the idea at least, it does have plenty of other uses as well.

I’ve decided to get a little serious about my cartooning and webcomics so a Wacom seemed like a good tool to have with plenty of possibilities. Plus, I had a late Christmas gift coming from my lady fair which I had a say in, so I opted for a Wacom.

It’s taken me a little while to get used to it, and I still haven’t puzzled it all out yet, but I finalized this strip once I managed to get a a bit of a handle on it. I initially did pencils for Part 4 on paper, took a photo of it and then used the Wacom to “ink” over it. It’s a first effort so expect some improvement, but I think it’s a nice hint at what’s to come as I achieve further mastery of this mysterious Wacom.

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2 thoughts on “‘Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic’ Part 4—First Strike

  1. Nice work! That makes a sharper looking image than a scanner– very cool. Do you think you will stick with black and white or does the program offer the ability to put color in as well? I am a fan of both– and all the color in the world doesn’t make up for a bad joke (have you read the funnies lately???)

  2. Right now I’m just honing my use of the Wacom. It came with a painting program, so color is definitely in the mix down the line, but first I want to master the pure illustration and then move on from there.

    No newspaper funny reading of late (though I read them everyday in college thanks to a newspaper readership program at MU delivering me as many free papers as I could handle), but I have been checking out loads of webcomics that allow fro way more funny as they don’t suffer from silly censorship.

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