What’s Going On.

Ok, so I haven’t been blogging that much of late. But, it’s not because I don’t totally love all you readers and have plenty of super rad stuff to say. The problem is simple: I have been extremely busy with tons of real life stuff away from the interwebs. Like…

Two weeks ago my amazingly beautiful girlfriend Jessi graduated from college (NYU to be more specific.)(Also, she’s 25—that happened two weeks ago too!). She had loads of family in town and so I was lucky enough to be taken to numerous eating venues and fed good food and fondue and wines. It was fun and full of many more details, but it was two weeks ago, so I forgot all the juicy adjectives and anecdotes to write accurately about it, or whatevs.

Also, and more recently, my baby brother Dan was in town this weekend for the first time ever! First time ever on the East Coast! Or in New York. Or New Jersey (where I live). Note: Dan is not a baby, he is 23. Note: I am 24.

Dan and I at the NY Public Library. Note: We did not go inside.
Dan and I at the NYC Public Library. Note: We did not go inside.

Anyway, Dan came in on Friday (After I went to the best DMV ever in Oakland, NJ—which is actually an MVC, ’cause that is what they call them in NJ. Anyway, super painless and easy and surprisingly full of friendly and funny people.) and we ate some pub food and watched “Stop Making Sense” and drank lots of beers and played some video games and watched some “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and then slept (Dan is the first person ever to use my newish and rad futon) and then I puked a little (Probably indigestion, not beer. Probably.) and then we went into NYC.

Saturday was full of tons of touristy stuff like seeing the Statue of Liberty and Grand Central Station and Central Park and other things without the word “central” in their names. My gorgeous girlfriend Jessi accompanied us on these excursions, of which I have only just named a few (For more info on Jessi, please see the above paragraphs you have already read or visit her blog, Between Two Whiles!).

That night, we ate dinner at a bitchin’ BBQ place called Brother Jimmy’s (from which Jessi and I had previously ordered delivery but never been to), drank more beer and then went to a fantastic Tiki Bar near/in Alphabet City called Otto’s Shrunken Head where we had loads of fun and drank many fruity island cocktails.

The next day was all about Central Park, where the three of us bummed around and Dan got to see cool things Jessi and I had previously seen, like castles and lakes and turtles and paths and kite-flyers. Also, I got sunburned and we all crashed due to exhaustion, only to wake up and go buy some shit and then head to the East Village for a Sushi Dinner and some sake and some massive beers.

Please notice our giant beers and generally, if not extremely, pleasant demeanor.
Please notice our giant beers and generally, if not extremely, pleasant demeanor.

After searching vainly through Tompkins Square Park in the dark for the elephant statue from “Die Hard with a Vengeance,” we all headed back to the Upper East Side and had a few more beers and ate some pizza.

Dan, Jessi and I consumed 10 slices of pizza pie this weekend. Only five of those slices were part of meals. Only one slice was consumed by Jessi.

Today, Dan and I drove back to my Jersey abode and awaited his flight home by watching “Die Hard 3” (also called “Die Hard with a Vengeance”) and some original “Star Trek.” Dan then left, which was kind of cool ’cause we made it to the airport so fast without traffic so I felt a sense of achievement, but also very sad ’cause Dan was leaving and we had loads upon radical loads of fun.

Also, within the past week, I read the first three Scott Pilgrim books for the first time, which explains my blogging voice here (which is a mediocre-at-best rip-off/homage to Bryan Lee O’Malley’s incredibly awesometastic comics) and my extremely liberal use of superlative descriptors.

So, more blogs and cartoons are on the way, but the now-described busy-ness is why they aren’t here now.

Much love to all my online peoples,
(Why am I signing this post like a letter?<----I don't know.) P.S. I also created a neat/funny and obviously awesome idea for my sister (a baking and pastry arts major in college) called the "Urinal Cake." It will be a hockey puck-sized pink cake covered in pink frosting that will be hilarious and delicious. I came up with the hilarious part, now it is Lexie's turn to get the delicious angle down ('cause that is her forte, not mine).

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  1. i know this is an old post, but your brother looks so much like your dad it is freaking hilarious (library pic)! He’s like a clone! You’re more of a 50/50 mix while lex is all your mom… That is too funny…

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