Thor: The Final Frontier!

Over the weekend, news dropped that Chris Hemsworth (who played George Kirk, James T.’s daddy, in “Star Trek”) will be playing Thor in the upcoming film based on Marvel’s Asgardian hero.

Round Howard blogger Josh Wigler and I just had a fun and nerdy conversation about the casting which I’m posting here for the sake of putting it into the public forum. Check it out and then weigh in with a comment at the end of the post!

By Odin's holodeck!
By Odin's holodeck!

WIGLER: Papa Kirk as Thor? Thoughts?

GIBBONS: I think I like it. I mean, I thought he was fine as Papa Kirk. And honestly, I can see him as a great Thor.
In my mind, it depends on casting vs. script—he could easily be the best Thor for the movie they are putting together, but it depends on the “Thor” they are putting together.

WIGLER: Very true.

GIBBONS: I think that is my main concern for the entirety of “Thor.” Is he gonna be like Avengers’ Thor? [J. Michael Straczynski’s] Thor? Old school, Norse-only Thor?

I think the original plan was to do strictly Asgard. But I think that may have changed by now.

See…if that is the case, than maybe this guy isn’t the best Thor. Given, I have seen him act for all of…what? 15 minutes [in “Star Trek”] maybe. He strikes me as a great Thor for the Marvel U and Avengers.

WIGLER: “Tiberus? That name’s the worst!” OSCAR WORTHY!

GIBBONS: Verily!
I can’t see him as just Asgard [Thor], but he may have been focusing on [being] chummy for Kirk Sr.
With what knowledge I have now, I have no qualms and would be pretty excited to see him as the Avengers’ Thor.

Yeah, def. I really have nothing to base it on I suppose.

Exactly how I feel, but those 15 minutes of “Trek” gave me enough to imagine him making Asgardian jokes with Cap[tain America] and smacking a drunk [Tony] Stark around.
“Captain, verily thou smiteth that Hydra agent in his nards! Methinks he shan’t have a son to name Tiberius…which, is a name I doth think is the worst!”

You have just read an IM convo by these chuckleheads.
You have just read an IM convo by these chuckleheads.

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2 thoughts on “Thor: The Final Frontier!

  1. I’m not at all sure how I feel about this movie. Especially since this guy has never really been in anything, except the 15 minutes of Star Trek. And now he has to carry a movie…and not just any movie but Beowulf the super hero.

    I question Marvel’s wisdom in pushing Thor pre-avengers, just me though…i’m known to be a nerdy naysayer.

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