24 hours off the internet?!

Yes, I left the interwebs behind for a full day and now I’m back.

I can’t really describe how bizarre it felt to sit back down at my computer knowing I hadn’t touched it for a full day, but I imagine it’d be like putting your shoes back on after leaving them off all day—it feels good having them off and when you strap them back on it seems very natural and normal, but man, your feet just breathed differently yesterday, you know?!

Anywho, with the girlfriend graduating (Congrats again, Jessi!) and her family in town, plus my job moving down to a new New York City office, my dad coming into town on Thursday and just the general hustle and bustle of life on top of that…well…safe to say things have been a bit crazy and I haven’t had much chance for blogging.
…or to see “Star Trek.”
…or finish catching up on “Fringe.”
…or to get psyched for tonight’s “Lost” finale.
…or to read more Conan or any of the other books from a massive pile of trades I have at home.
…or to drink a bottle of Luchador red wine I bought recently solely due to the masked Mexican wrestler on the bottle.
…or to draw my weekly installment of Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic.

Essentially, the gist of this brief post is just to explain that quite a bit of blogging should be expected to be done when I finally get the time, but as there’s lots going on I just have to leave you all with that tease, beg your patience and try to find the time sooner rather than later.

For now, enjoy this picture of an Ewok toy fighting a chipmunk…

Yub yub, mutha trucka!
Yub yub, mutha trucka!

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