Can I axe you a question?

Because extreme binging on Conan comics makes me act a little barbaric in photoshop…

"By Crom's flavorful sideburns!"
"By Crom's flavorful sideburns!"

Art originally by Frank Cho from Dark Horse’s Conan the Cimmerian…then photoshopped by me.

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4 thoughts on “Can I axe you a question?

  1. You are so close to having me photoshop your face on to a filthy Vanirman head in an image where Conan…er…Jim the Barbarian is decapitating the stinking fiend!

  2. For like a week after I finished reading all of Dark Horse Conan, I compulsively kept wanting to kick over tables and carry women off over my shoulders. Unfortunately, women don’t see the humor in a hairy stranger carrying them off into a dark alley. *Sigh…*

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