An undisputed classic: ‘Adventure Time’

Once a cartoon show pitched to Nickelodeon, “Adventure Time” is one of my all-time favorite internet videos. Running only seven and a half minutes, it’s fun and hilarious. If you don’t like this, you may actually be soulless.

Yep, the voice of Jake is “Futurama

(Note: “Adventure Time” has been picked up by Cartoon Network, see the comments below for more.)

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6 thoughts on “An undisputed classic: ‘Adventure Time’

  1. You know Adventure Time has been picked up as a full-fledged animated series, right?

    Also, google “Bravest Warriors” if you haven’t yet.

  2. Rhombus! No, I did not, Mr. Phegley, but a quick Google search confirms what you say—thus verifying that I (A) feel like an oxymoron as I should have done that before posting this, (B) am now extremely happy and (C) can begin working on my Pen and Rainacorn costumes for Halloween with my girlfriend, who I told last year that we couldn’t go as them because it wouldn’t be recognizable enough.

  3. Oh my gosh, you’re like fifty patoots! I told you that would be an algebraic costume! I think you better “survey the situation” before shutting me down next time, Gibbons!

  4. Ok, ok…you were very right, Ms. Reynolds. I concede the point!

    Also, I just checked out “Bravest Warriors,” and yeah… super awesome. Thanks, Kiel! If anyone else reading this hasn’t checked it out and enjoyed “Adventure Time” above, then here’s the YouTube link to Pen Ward’s “Bravest Warriors”…

  5. My sister loves this above all other things. Personally, i heartily enjoy, ‘Look! Those ninjas are stealing that old man’s diamonds! (gimme back my diamonds)’, as well as the inexplicable use of maths terms for exclamations.

  6. Your sister is one smart cookie, as are you Harrrr! I think my favorite lines would have to be, “My hat…is…AWESOME!” and…
    Elemental: “Real mature. How old are you guys anyway?”
    Pen: “I’m 12.”
    Jake: “And I’m 28!”

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