Because I love lucha libre, check out this ‘Moon Knight’ cover!

In what will likely become a regular feature—in some way, shape or form—on EoP, here’s a comic cover I am highlighting simply due to its inclusion of luchadores!

Moon Knight #29

¡Viva Lucha Libre!
¡Viva Lucha Libre!

The issue is written by Mike Benson and this whole south of the border arc has featured some incredible art by Jefte Palo (most notable for his work on Black Panther with Jason Aaron during “Secret Invasion”). The cover is by Gabriele Dell’Otto.

I have been flipping through the recent issues of this book mainly for Palo’s great, gritty interiors and got kind of giddy when it dawned on me that luchadores had to be involved—which led to this awesome cover, so early giddiness justified as I’m now a happy man.

“Why do you love lucha libre so much?” you loyal readers are undoubtedly asking yourselves. Well, maybe it’s because I grew up a WCW fan and was very into wrestling when WCW had its huge luchador boom back in the late ’90s. Maybe it’s because there is an enthralling element of mythic tradition surrounding these wrestlers and their masks. And maybe it’s because they can do f–king hurricanranas!

Whatever it is, I love these guys! Stay tuned and I am sure I’ll come up with a better explanation for why I think lucha libre is fantastic, but for now, just know it is something that endlessly fascinates me and I will post about it occasionally.

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2 thoughts on “Because I love lucha libre, check out this ‘Moon Knight’ cover!

  1. Well if you recall like I do one of the worst parts about WCW was how they misused their incredible midcard luchador talent. They had so many quality wrestlers that Bischoff and company didn’t know what to do with them. More often than not they’d just toss the entire LWO into the ring just as a match was about to hit its climax and there’d be too many luchadors in the ring to do anything cool so they’d just fake punch each other until the show faded to commercial. Stupid WCW…

    Also what’s with this “f–king” bullshit? Just curse, you big hairy turkey!

  2. As a guy who works on a family friendly Web site every day, writing an actual “fuck” on the interwebs just feels a bit weird—like stepping into soggy running shoes or putting a pair of underwear on that has shrunk in the wash, but only in the front.

    Still, good point. Big, hairy turkeys shouldn’t hold back.

    And yeah, WCW didn’t use those luchadores as well as they could have, but good goshdarn, when they did it was spectacular! I remember a 4 vs. 4 tag match featuring a fella named Blitzkrieg that was—in an extremely anachronistic way—probably what inspired the Wright brothers to invent flight.

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