The Irony of Ads

Recently, I signed up for Google’s Adsense service and the results of what ads are popping up on my site have been as hilarious as I expected. You see, Adsense scopes out your site’s content and frequently used words to decide which ads to place (when I don’t mess with any of the settings). Now, my site is Enemy of Peanuts (preaching death to the legume menace through blogging, natch!) but Adsense just sees “peanut” a bunch and makes a majority of my ads about the devil-nut and where you can buy it (and oddly enough, about Rachel Ray’s weight loss—could she be an agent of the enemy?!).

So, while I expected this might happen, the irony of this glaring contradiction on the site hopefully brings a chuckle to each and every one of you loyal readers and any interweb passersby that end up at EoP!

(To Google’s defense—I do so love them!—Adsense does pop up some stuff about Charles Schulz’s Peanuts and allergy awareness, so good on them!)

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2 thoughts on “The Irony of Ads

  1. I love Adsense. We get ads for solar panels and window panels on our site every once in awhile. For the most part it makes sense, but not always.

  2. Well, that is what I am always looking for on when I visit! Pop culture?! Bah! Info on window treatments is what I crave!

    That said, it’s all likely a conspiracy of the Legume Menace to subvert me…but I like keeping my friends close and my enemies advertising on my site…so, strategically, I’m pleased as punch!

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