Choice Comic Covers: ‘Annihilation’ #4

Maybe my favorite cover ever (seriously!), this piece by Gabriele Dell’Otto kicked off issue #4 (of 6) from Keith Giffen’s masterful Marvel cosmic extravaganza Annihilation. A truly epic “David vs. Goliath” image (in this case Drax vs. Thanos), it also actually teases the issue’s events, a rarity in modern comics. Feast your peepers on this puppy…

Annihilation #4 by Gabriele Dell'Otto
Annihilation #4 by Gabriele Dell'Otto

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2 thoughts on “Choice Comic Covers: ‘Annihilation’ #4

  1. This series was epic. Galactus enslaved, Drax cool again, Nova vs. Annihilus and Drax vs. Thanos, the god he was created to kill. It’s too bad these trades are so ridiculously over-priced.

  2. I couldn’t agree more!

    I was never a huge Marvel cosmic buff, but something about the one-shot that kicked this series off, and what it promised, really grabbed me—giant, super-powered space war…how could you go wrong?! And with guys like Abnett and Lanning led by Giffen, you really couldn’t?! Plus, as a huge Super Skrull fan, it was awesome to see Kl’rt get highlighted…

    Oh man, I could go on and on about my favorite moments from this epic…maybe I should just write up an extended review and make it a post? Better than these filthy comment boxes anyway, right?!

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