I am the enemy of peanuts!

¡Hola internet dwellers!

I’m Jim Gibbons and this is a ludicrous blog of mine.

If you’re savvy to the interwebs, you may have seen my job blog over at The Loudest Monkey on WizardUniverse.com, or if you’re of a nostalgic and outdoorsy disposition, you may have come across a labor of love called Nothing More American—my summer camp memoir.

While both blogs are absolutely fabulous (seriously, check them out!), neither allowed me the proper venue to post all the abstract and random flights of fancy I’d like to share. And so, I deliver you Enemy of Peanuts!

While this would be a great way to wow potential readers with a grand mission statement, I haven’t got one. Essentially, this blog will be my own public bulletin board where I’ll post doodles, mini reviews of old comics, why I’m now just finally watching “Doctor Who” and what’s fantastic about it, thoughts on video games and who knows what else?! Either way, it should be fun—so, stick around!

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