Brutal Combat

Challenged by my long-time amigo and former roommate Jon-Erik, I have entered the realm of a super simple and super fun online flash game: My Brute.


Here’s the basics:

Head to, or accept an invite to fight me (PizzaPartyMan) by clicking here.

Then you enter a name, get a cool little warrior generated for you (which you can customize a bit) and then enter the arena. You don’t do any of the actual fighting, but you get to watch these crazy little battles play out—like cockfighting, but not tasteless, illegal or real.


The more you fight and the more people you recruit (Seriously…fight me now and be recruited to my dojo!) the more experience, items and moves you get.

My Dojo and my many pupils.
My Dojo and my many pupils.

It’s a jolly ol’ time and is played with the click of a single button—click “Fight!” and just sit back and watch a tiny, minute-long battle of epic proportions—so, why not try it out?!

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