Check out ‘Killer of Demons!’

Hey folks, just dropping in to give a quick recommendation…you should all check out Killer of Demons from Image Comics!

Written by Chris Yost with super-rad art by Scott Wegener, it’s kind of a combo of “Office Space” and “Buffy,” and it’s darn fun and totally awesome! It’s also a three issue miniseries, so you know they’ve gotta get right into the good stuff—and with this first issue, they already have! If you’re only going to read one book this week, make it Killer of Demons (and that is saying something as Jonathan Hickman’s awesome first issue of Dark Reign: Fantastic Four came out this week)!

Also, just a general update, I’m dropping this recommendation here because Thursday Morning Quarterback is going through some tweaks right now (under construction, so to speak) and I wanted to give a good book some props. So, stay tuned to The Loudest Monkey for more little snippets of stuff from me, and stay tuned to for a brand-spanking new view of TMQB soon!

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