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Hey Folks!
If you haven’t seen “Coraline” yet, go see it! It’s great!

“But why is it so great?” you undoubtedly ask. Well, for many reasons, here’s “one”…

The flick is a clay figure stop-motion, 3-D movie based on a novel by Neil Gaiman. It features some choice voice talent, as well! Among the vocal cast is rad dude John Hodgman (who I’ve expressed my complete fan-dom of before) as the voice of Coraline’s father and other father, a character who later becomes (voice-wise) They Might Be Giant’s (my fav band!) John Linnell when an original TMBG song is featured in the flick. TMBG has the song and clip on their myspace, but I’ve brought it here to show you 32 seconds of proof as to why you must see this movie.

Coraline-Other Father Song

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