She-Hulk: The Coolest Chick in Comics!

So, last week’s She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision by Peter David and Mahmud A. Asrar solidified the green goddess’s position as the Coolest Chick in Comics!

First, Dan Slott’s semi-recent run with the heroine showed that She-Hulk could hold her own in the courtroom, in a brawl and in a quip-fest with villains and other heroes alike.

Then, Peter David had the jade giantess make a “Battlestar Galactica” reference in his World War Hulk prologue story with artist Gary Frank.

And this past week, ol’ Shulkie laid down a double-whammy of super coolness…

She’s upset she might be dead because that would mean she can’t use her tickets to see MY FAVORITE BAND! Awesome!

And she’s well versed in my favorite action movie franchise of all time! EVEN MORE AWESOME!

Props to PAD on those two rad references. I love when you pick up a one-shot and get great little character moments that make reading it an extremely rewarding experience!

Once more, I declare She-Hulk the Coolest Chick in Comics—and that’s it for now folks!

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2 thoughts on “She-Hulk: The Coolest Chick in Comics!

  1. I don’t know why it took me so long, but I realized like 2 weeks ago that She-Hulk is the sexiest woman alive. Well, Red Sonja is, but She-Hulk fills-in when I don’t have Sonja comics with me.

    I’d also like to stop taking before I say something disturbing and embarrass myself.

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