Ohtis: it’s music!

I don’t normally transcend nerdiness on this blog, but since there’s actually a very cool tie-in here, I figured “Why not?!”

Ohtis is a little band out of Bloomington, IL and a real good listen for anyone who’s down with some poppy Folk Rock. Their most recent, self-released effort is entitled “If This Country Had A Heart, That’s Where I Was Born” (a title that really appeals to this Midwestern born-and-raised blogger) and features album art by my good buddy Seaby Bess.

Seaby, as long time Loudest Monkey readers will remember, is the man responsible for my ridiculously rad blog logo.

So ok, yeah, this post is a bit of shameless promotion for a friend (who’s now playing with Ohtis, as well) and the band (which I’ve just heard is performing at this year’s South by Southwest), but I’ve been binging on the available tracks at their MySpace music page and figured you all could use some tunes to go along with your blog reading (Also, for Ohtis bloggy goodness to accompany the tracks, head to http://ohtis.com/!).

And hey, if you like what you hear, grab the tracks over at Amazon or grab the disc at Undertow Music Collective’s site.

Ok, that’s it for now, time to get back to those comics!

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