‘Marvel Apes’ meets the Loudest Monkey!

With a last name like Gibbons—which led to a having a blog named “The Loudest Monkey” (and yes, I know a gibbon is an ape and not a monkey, as I stated in my first post)—it seems inevitable that I would have to comment on Marvel’s newest miniseries and variant cover phenomenon: Marvel Apes.

I read a review copy of the book yesterday and found what is quite possibly the most astonishingly personalized talk bubble I have ever come across!

Yep, I’m a Mr. Gibbons. And yes, I have lots of hair…everywhere. So, reading this panel felt eerily like the good doctor was breaking the fourth wall. Yeah, kinda creepy.

So, between DC trying to terrify me with their peanut-filled Joker covers and Marvel putting D-List Spidey villain The Gibbon into a starring role in Marvel Apes…well, reading comics has been a particularly bizarre experience of late!

Another, albeit brief, Marvel-based monkey last name story:
I emailed editor Bill Rosemann to see if he’d be interested in answering a question about Guardians of the Galaxy for Thwack!.
His response: “Sounds fun, Jim. And how could I turn down a guy with a monkey-like last name?

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