The Joker must seriously hate me….

When I was flipping through the new Previews catalog yesterday, I came across a cover featuring the Joker that I found particularly disturbing. I’ll explain why this cover made me shudder so much, even at the risk of divulging my own personal kryptonite…

Now a smiling, psychotic madman might be enough to put a shiver down anyone’s spine. Throw in a knife or a gun as a weapon and he’s amped up to even more threatening and menacing. But, on the cover of Batman Confidential #23, the Clown Prince of Crime takes things to an entirely more fearsome level with one of the world’s deadliest weapons (to some)…a PEANUT!!!

I mean, playing on the deadly food allergies of the masses?! The Joker truly is a villain of the utmost degree! Looks like I have a new fictional character to add to the mortal enemy list alongside the Planter’s peanut guy!

(Oddly enough, this comes a week after a minor reaction to peanuts led me to spend a few hours in the emergency room!)

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