The Happiest Bat-man!

So, after reading and editing a ton of Staff Writer Steve Sunu’s Webcomics of the Week column, I’ve been hankering to start drawing some comics of my own. Now, I’m no artist and was always more of a doodler within the lined domain of my school notebook paper, but heck, I figure even doodles can convey some comedy!

Here’s two I did today in little spans of free time—both of these puppies can be clicked on and enlarged, by the way—I hope you enjoy them!

The first one sprung out of a conversation with Staff Writers Steve Sunu and Kevin Mahadeo—and Mahadeo is the man behind the Mobile vs. Mobile joke—so, credit where credit’s due. “Happy Bats” is all me and the idea of what little moments make a dark, mysterious hero truly happy just cracks me up. So, you’ll likely see a few more of these cropping up as I come up with them.

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