Sketchy Galore!

This one’s a long time coming folks! For over three weeks now I’ve been wanting to get this up for you kind readers, but with the cool down from Wizard World Philly meshing right into the crazy-hectic buildup to Wizard World Chicago, I haven’t had the time to post this SUPER AWESOME WIZARD STAFF SKETCHBOOK!

That’s right, a sketchbook from Wizard World Philly chock-full of art from the Wizard Staff!

Basically, we’re all at a convention where sketches are being done left and right and it motivated all of us to try our extremely amateur hands at some sketches of our own. Most were done just screwing around and over a few beers, but we all thought it’d be a good time to get them up for people to see as they’d be at least worth a few laughs to the our minimal but fiercely loyal fanbase (thanks to all seven of you!).

Anyway, here’s a quick sample…

By Alex Kropinak

“Mel by JIM”
By Jim Gibbons

Yep, that’s Top Cow’s Mel Caylo!

Head here for the rest of the sketchbook with drawings by Wizard legend Mike Cotton, Wizard TV‘s Alex Kropinak, Indie Jones‘ David Paggi and a few more by me.

Sadly, there was an entire series of drawings done in crayon at a Chili’s that got ruined in Dave’s backpack…but hey, be thankful you got these hilarious doodles!

And yes, we’re well aware they may just be funny to us, as they are drawings by us of us…but hey, that’s what blogs are for right?!

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