Ed Brubaker…still the man.

You regular readers will—of course—remember that I am a huge (HUGE!) fan of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ ICON series Criminal, but let me tell you, as I’ve been catching up on comics (I’m a week or so behind) and just read Criminal Vol. 2 #3 which had a bit of semi-silly dialogue that just made me go, “Sh— yeah! This series can be kinda cheesy and still rock!” I mean, I have a Criminal t-shirt and the poster on my wall, so don’t take this in jest when I tell you I love, but laughed out loud at, this line…

Seriously, just one line in a great issue, but I had to give mad-props (yep, I just said “mad-props”) to the Bru for writing that bit of dialogue!

And even more seriously, if you aren’t reading this book on a monthly basis, what the hell is wrong with you?! Dig the scratch out of your couch cushions and pick this up on a monthly basis, it’s well worth it!

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