Coloring contest entries from the Homefront and/or Denver!

Two more entries just rolled in, and I was super pleased to see that they’re from my brother Dan Gibbons and Lake Forest, IL hometown hero Will Dugan, who goes to college in Denver with my broseph.

Here’s Will’s wonderful entry…

Sidenote: If you ever meet Will, make sure to ask him about any number of stories he has involving strippers. The one he’d told me from Vegas is particularly good…maybe not entirely true—who knows?—but a good story is a good story, dammit!

Here’s my broheim Dan’s hilarious entry (which I should mention, for the record, won’t be up for winning as it’s more of a photoshop job than a coloring)…

I recently got Dan and hooked on BSG via what we’re calling “Jim-Flix,” which is much like Netflix but features me doing the DVD sending. Dan sends me text messages and IMs here and there when stuff pops up on BSG that is crazy and/or mysterious, my favorite one so far referred to Starbuck and went something like, “Crazy and angry blonde pilot chick…are you hot or aren’t you?! I can’t tell?!” Good chuckles all around…but for the record, despite Dan’s questioning, Starbuck is officially extremely hot according to Loudest Monkey mandate.

Ok, asides aside, let’s keep those coloring contest entries rolling in!

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