Alright folks, get your crayons out!

‘Cause I just love coloring, I’m officially announcing the first ever—and semi-annual—Loudest Monkey coloring contest!

My good buddy Seaby Bess worked up my rad logo and the I love it in classic black and white, but I’d love to see some color on this baby!

Here’s the skinny…
• Take the above Loudest Monkey image (or click HERE or HERE (to DL the image if on Firefox or IE) for it) and color it in any way that strikes you as fun and original (I’m partial to crayon, but any form of coloring is not only more than fine, it’s encouraged! Go nuts on photoshop or MS Paint…whatever!). Clicking the picture to enlarge the image and then printing it should work pretty well. It’s a pretty decent file size, so it should work out alright in electronic formats too!

•Send your image to TheLoudestMonkey[AT]gmail[DOT]com. All entries must be electronic, preferred as a JPEG no more the 250KB (get your crayon versions and painted versions scanned folks, or just take photos!)

• I’ll run each and every entry on the blog (barring it’s covered in profanity), so check back to see the entires!

• All entries must be received by June 10, and make sure to give me your mailing address in the email with your entry, because….

After the entry cutoff date, I’ll pick out a few of my favorites and send out some prizes to the lucky winners!

So, keep checking back in to see some rad coloring, and I hope to be able to decorate my desk area with numerous awesome entries just as I did to cover up the ugly pink walls of my room back in college!

This…this is one of those walls!

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