Check out the good work coming from the rad folks at the Mid-Missouri Comics Collective!

I’ve been meaning to blog about my favorite, formerly local comic book related group for a while, and after they mentioned me in a few posts and my busy-ness professionally (which leads to laziness personally and cuts down on my blogging) kept me from getting a post up about them…well, this planned post couldn’t be put off any longer! Plus, they made me feel like a minor celebrity when they posted the press release announcement about my job at Wizard! Making me feel a little bit awesome about myself ALWAYS deserve some blog callout love!

MidMoCoCo, as the comics collective is abbreviated, is comprised of comic creators and enthusiasts who all live in and around the center of the Show Me State and are doodling or discussing their hearts out on all things comics! And with posting fiend Winter keeping the blog updated with news aplenty, this site is not only something you must check out if it’s local for you, but a great place to see some fantastic examples of grassroots comic work (and some not so grassroots, but literally sprouting upwards!) and some damn good blogging.

Back in my ol’ college days, I did an article in the Columbia Missourian about MidMoCoCo after sitting in on one of their Sunday meeting sketch jams. I got to chat comics with Josh Nichols, Scott Ziolko and Zac Crockett as they sketched away. It was a heckuva pleasure to hang out and a blast to put together an article that showed the community that this talented group was right under their noses.

The entire group is doing some great work—which you should check out HERE right now—but I have to give a special callout to Mr. Crockett because I think his art is the bomb—seriously, check out his web comic Opey the Warhead, bad pun fully intended. At the meeting I met him at and afterward via email, I continually tried to get him to do art for some comic ideas I’d been working on. Seeing as Opey just became a featured comic over at, I’m glad my hair-brained ideas didn’t get in the way of his rad work! Go read that thing folks!

Make sure you take a few minutes to go check out MidMoCoCo. I love heading there to get a taste of my old town and see what’s up with the comics scene there, but even if you’ve never even heard of Columbia, MO, head on over and read some great web comics and see what stellar local comics coverage looks like—you won’t be sorry.

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