Truer words…

Wow…so, it’s been a while folks, how are you? Doing well, I hope! Things have been crazy (when are they not, right?), but I’ve let a few little things like my job, my health and travels to see old friends get in the way of my blogging.

Well no more!

I’ve got a bevy of things to blog about and some of them may be a tad dated, but I’ll try to start with that one.

In last week’s (4/2) Logan—which was, of course, darn good—Wolverine, who’s been forever known as a guy who tells it like it is, continues his penchant for dropping some of the most brutally straight forward lines in comicdom. This one particularly hit close to home…

Reading this as a guy who’s nairing his shoulders once every month or two, you can’t help but be reminded that Wolverine is keepin’ it real for men bogged down by a burden of body hair.

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