Wonder Woman: Living Up To Her Potential

First, I have to apologize—I wrote majority of this post over a week ago and got busy and never found time to edit and complete it until now…so, not as timely as I would have liked, but here it is…
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In the past, I’ve never been a big fan of Wonder Woman. The character never really appealed to me because on the few occasions I cracked the spine of the Amazon’s book, it was mediocre at best. After hearing that Gail Simone’s first few issues were impressively good, I picked’em up to give the book a shot and I’ve been digging everything happening in the world of the Mighty Maiden with Simone at the helm ever since. However, it wasn’t until last week’s issue—with some great art by Bernard Chang—(See, told you I’d written up part of this post a while back, that was almost three weeks ago)that I’ve decided Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman is not only a complete badass, but perhaps the perfect woman as well!

In issue #18, Wonder Woman is finally the refreshingly multi-dimensional that the world’s most powerful woman should be. It’s simple and realistic human moments that make a great super hero book…follow me on this one, if you will…

The book begins with Diana at the hospital to visit her “sometimes he is/sometimes he isn’t” beau Nemesis, and she’s just plain driven. She’s not just there to be cutesy and try and smooch, she’s there to court him and tells him as much to his face. The woman has decided what she wants and she’s acting assertive about it. Wonder Woman is a drop dead beauty who can easily snap a man’s neck and she isn’t beating around the bush like a ditzy schoolgirl, she’s getting the man she wants with all the confidence an Amazon Princess should have.

There’s no pretense and no question in her actions. She’s the boss, but not in an abrasive way as she blends her strength with sensuality, softness and a straight-forward attitude. She demands the respect of her position and of her person, yet can be playful as well.

And even though she could physically crush her would-be mate or call all the shot’s in the future relationship, she has a respect and appreciation for his world—even if it isn’t her scene.

Sure, it’s kind of goofy, but when you consider this woman is the future leader of an island nation populated by warrior women who’s helped saved the Earth multiple times talking to an average Midwestern American, well, there’s going to be a bit of an awkwardness as she tries to relate to him—but it’s a natural and realistic moment here given the circumstances. It’s a ridiculous comic book world, but this sequence feels completely real regardless, and what’s really brilliant about this issue is how Simone takes all Diana’s sincerity, sensuality and humanity and juxtaposes it with her kicking the sh– out of a ship full of aliens!

It’s so nice to see a writer who has such a handle on this character that she can show the heroine’s not just sex appeal or just a brutish warrior, but a dynamic female character with the poise to balance her warrior world and her place as a leader in a modern world which isn’t as accepting of strong female leaders.

And, I loves me some strong female leads, so having Gail Simone making the strong female lead live up to her potential in the land of comics instead of falling short—as she has so often in the hands of other writers—has really been a treat!

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