Last week’s send off to John Rogers’ ‘Blue Beetle’

Another blog post I meant to get up last week…

…was going to be an epic poem composed about the virtues and excellence of Blue Beetle as John Rogers run came to an end with the fantastically awesome “End Game” arc and its twenty fifth issue. Luckily, I got a chance to rave in last week’s Thursday Morning Quarterback’s Quick Hits about it, sparing you all the attempt at epic poetry, while giving me a chance to gush.
Here’s a snippet…

“I know it’s only March and big events like Secret Invasion and Final Crisis are still on the way, but I’m calling it right now: Blue Beetle #25 is my issue of the year!”

Being surrounded in the office full of other fans of the run, we hashed out some ways to get some good send-off coverage for the book after issue #25…

Indie Jones‘ Kiel Phegley did a retrospective chat with John Rogers on the book—seriously good read here, give it a look.

And Kevin Mahadeo featured Jaime Reyes as his character of the week in his new column obviously entitled “Character of the Week.” For the record, you’ll notice I called out Paco’s line of the week in QB on Thursday before Kevin did in COW on Friday…just saying. I mean—it’s not important—we both love the book and thought it was a great line…but I mentioned it first…just saying.

So, check those out and then go check out the past 25 issues of Blue Beetle, it was a heckuva a ride that you really shouldn’t miss!

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